Hi! I am Raveena Singh, and I am so happy to have you stop by. I have a passion for organising and cooking.

My happy space is my home especially my kitchen and my home office. My day starts with a cuppa chai (I don’t drink much coffee), and over this mug of steaming goodness, I watch my family leave for  work / university. We say our byes and when they have all left, I begin my day.

My children are all almost the same age. My daughter is 22 and I have twin boys who are 20. Instead of sending each of them for their tertiary education in different parts of the world and hardly getting to see them, we compromised so they would all study in Singapore and we would get them their own apartment. Education in Singapore is really good and most international universities have campuses here, and that worked out very well for us.

I am from Malaysia, born and bred there but three years ago, having made that decision, we moved to Singapore. I bade my Counselling practice adieu, and spent the first six months settling in and exploring my new surroundings. I am not unfamiliar with Singapore as my mum and my hubby are both Singaporeans but life here was just not the same. My husband and the children very quickly got busy and made friends but I didn’t. Firstly, I was not working and secondly, I was lonely.

But I being me, soon figured out how to get around and I made friends. We did get a car but honestly, managing without a car is amazingly easy in Singapore!!

During that time, I met someone at my book club, who was completely overwhelmed and needed some help with organising her home to accommodate her in laws. I offered my help. I had never ever done Home Organisation as a career but I had the accredition and I had helped out many friends and relatives.

She recommended me to a few friends and I got my friends and husband to help pass my business cards to their colleagues and friends. My business card read Certified Professional Organiser and my counselling degree became secondary. That’s when I suddenly realised I had a new business. And that was the beginning of my passion becoming my career!

But now, having moved back to Kuala Lumpur has brought with it so much joy of familiarity and my parents but once again, I have left my business behind. The children have qualified and are branching out into their own lives, leaving us as empty nesters. Getting older and having fibromyalgia does mean I need to pace myself carefully.

I have started blogging and making videos on home organisation and cooking so I can share my my tips, ideas and my thoughts with people I would otherwise never meet. I do hope that I can help you organise your home and enjoy the process.

7 thoughts on “”

  1. Hi Raveena
    Your videos inspire and motivate a lot of us
    U am fortunate to ah r found u on YouTube
    We are from India, We are building our 6 bedroom bungalow here,
    I am very much excited to move in there and at the same time I was worried about cleaning and organising things there
    By watching your videos I am so much more confident and have built a lot of ideas on organising things
    Thanks a ton for the wonderful job you are doing
    Can you pls share more n more ideas n videos on organising various rooms of the house


  2. Your videos inspired me a lot. Every night I watch it now a days. I m from Bangladesh. Very soon plan to shift to our new triplex house. So watching your videos carefully n getting lots of ideas. Thank you so much. Love your videos.


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