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Getting Things Done

Getting things done! Isn’t that every-single-one’s basic thought for this year, for every year? It certainly is mine! Getting Things Done is more than just a dream or a nagging phrase, it is actually a method which enables these goals be achieved. David Allen has structured this process in his book by the same name… Continue reading Getting Things Done

Finding my Way through Sentimental Decisions

Clutter can creep into every home and every item has the potential of becoming clutter. Raveena Singh We accumulate clutter by postponing decisions we need to make. We don’t want to procrastinate but neither do we want to make the decisions we are sensitive, sentimental or unsure of. No matter how advanced a homemaker you… Continue reading Finding my Way through Sentimental Decisions

Finding my Way

I think I am going to call my personal blog Finding my Way. A Day in my Life, as YouTubers call the vlogs is also a song written and sung by The Beatles and almost at the end it says Finding my Way… that kinda resonated with me. Everyday I stumble on new issues, problems,… Continue reading Finding my Way

Post Father’s Day Update

For me taking it easy doesn’t mean not doing anything. To the contrary, I am tackling my spring cleaning and recharging my home and my self to bring you fresh and new ideas and content that is relevant! Read more>

Spicy Fruit Salad

The moment I saw this recipe while surfing, I knew I had to try it. It had many flavours I like and a combination of those definitely appealed to me. This recipe is from The Slow Roasted Italian Page and he uses pineapple, mango, kiwi, oranges and strawberries and tops it with a delightful dressing.… Continue reading Spicy Fruit Salad

No Cook Meals

Hey my loves! As promised, I am uploading the recipes for the “Pantry Essentials & Recipes Video.” All these are no cook solutions for quick meals. These recipes use pantry ingredients as a substitute to your first choices. KIDNEY BEAN HUMMUS Ingredients 1 can Kidney Beans – drained & washed1 Tbs Tahini 1 tsp each… Continue reading No Cook Meals

Vegan Stew

It’s not everyday that I upload a vegan recipe but this stew may be vegan yet everyone loves it. This is my mum’s recipe and believe me when I say I had no idea this is how her version starts. Mine is totally different btw! I want to mention, that if your family is in… Continue reading Vegan Stew

Taco Tuesday

#tacotuesday is one of the mini adults fave days of the week. It is when they show up for dinner most often. I mean, I even get calls saying “I might be late tonight but do keep some dinner for me”, that is a courtesy I don’t get all that often. So, I am trying… Continue reading Taco Tuesday

Fruit Compote Day

So, 28 February is ‘International Fruit Compote Day’ and I believe the best way to observe that day is to, yup! make fruit compote at home. I absolutely love quick fixes, and if you do too, then compote is your go to. First, let me rave over compotes. They take less than 10 minutes IN… Continue reading Fruit Compote Day

Meal Prep Recipes

Hey my loves! I have recently decided to be as organised as possible, especially regarding my meal preparations (preps) and stocking my refrigerator. I am sharing more on my meal prep with you on ‘THE REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER ORGANISATION’ video on my YouTube channel. Having meals made in advance can be a real sanity saver.… Continue reading Meal Prep Recipes

Corn Chip & Dip

If you are using the Home Management Planner 2020, then you would have seen that 29 January 2020 is ‘International Corn Chip Day‘. Hey, I am not the one who invented it! I simply searched for existing international observance days and incorporated those relevant to homemaking. In fact, not just relevant but also simultaneously useful.… Continue reading Corn Chip & Dip

Hosting a Party

Hey, my loves! It is that time of the year when many of us are faced by the task of hosting parties. Some of these parties may be at home while others are at a restaurant. In this TWO PART article, I am going to give you some tips and ideas on how to deal… Continue reading Hosting a Party

Fall Entertaining Menu

If you are entertaining, then the first step to a successful bash, is to have a theme. Having a theme makes it so much easier not to go off at a tangent because you only add dishes that suit the theme. Similarly for the décor, you curb your natural instinct to get carried away by… Continue reading Fall Entertaining Menu

Introduction to Decluttering – Acknowledging your Clutter

Click here to listen to Podcast. Hey my loves! Its time to take the next step. You have to ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR CLUTTER! Realisation is followed by acceptance. So accept the chaos, own it and then gradually, systematically eliminate it!  So lets brave the clatter of our clutter and move forward. You can find a corresponding… Continue reading Introduction to Decluttering – Acknowledging your Clutter

An Introduction to Decluttering – My Journey

Hey my loves! You have been asking me to talk more about my own decluttering process. It has been a learning curve for me too and here I am sharing with you my personal journey as a homemaker, wife and mother. I hope this podcast is as meaningful to you as it is to me.

Stretching your Day

You want to know how to find time to declutter in addition to cleaning the house when your day is already packed with activities. You are right to say there are only 24 hours in a day that will never change. Whatever you do has to be done within those given 24 hours, which means… Continue reading Stretching your Day

The Block System

Hey my loves! Ever since we started our morning and evening routines together, I keep getting asked these questions: What time should I start my routine? How long should it take? And my standard response is: it’s completely up to you! Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer, I promise. But then the follow… Continue reading The Block System

Evening Routine

Hey my loves! Don’t forget to check out The Functional Friday Tip on The FB Group – not a member yet? No problem, simply click on the link to get motivated and connected with likeminded people to get your home organised. Having worked on your Morning Routine for the whole week, it is definitely time… Continue reading Evening Routine


As a professional organiser, part of my job is to encourage people not just to organise their possessions, but also to evaluate these items and consider what they really want and need in their homes, and in their lives. There are multitudes of philosophies on how to declutter your home of course, which may be… Continue reading Cleanage?

Morning Routine

A good morning routine is the foundation of a well managed home. It is excellent for starting your day off on the right foot. Just like your own personal morning routine of showering, skin care, eating breakfast and taking your supplements prepares you for the rest of the day ahead, similarly the morning home routine… Continue reading Morning Routine

Carrying your Load

Everybody has their baggage, and the loads they carry. For me, that burden is my daily load of laundry. In truth, most of my friends hate doing laundry. They all look at me funny when I proudly declare my love for laundry, and that my favourite part is when I take out warm and fragrant… Continue reading Carrying your Load


Good morning my loves! Today is an early start and hopefully very productive day! I am seriously interested in starting my day earlier than I used to. I have more to do everyday to get my home up and running. What I did yesterday was clear up my potential home office/ study room. I have… Continue reading Productivity

An Organised Kitchen

I love cooking but the chopping and the washing up after – not so much! I do love cooking but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I love spending hours in the kitchen! Nope! Not at all!! To the contrary, I like things that do not take too long to prep and cook. I have simplified… Continue reading An Organised Kitchen

How to Get Organised

I had written a series of articles for a magazine on How to Get Organised and I have been asked to rewrite it based on today’s “culture”. I suppose by that what they mean is that Perfect Homemaking is no longer an acceptable term! Today, we are emphasising that we are not seeking perfection because… Continue reading How to Get Organised

Meal Planning

Meal Planning is one totally important part of homemaking. Honestly, the energy you save is by itself a reason to meal plan. In addition to that, you will find that your grocery bill will go down tremendously because you know exactly what you need and there will be no wastage. Save money, eat well? Now… Continue reading Meal Planning

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your house clean is probably the most important part of home organizing and of a beautiful home. All the lavish or artistic décor has truly got very little so say for your home if it is covered with dust or cluttered. However, this definitely does not mean that you need to do everything everyday!… Continue reading Keep Your Home Clean

Planning a Schedule

There are a number of things that we do at home which we jumble into a hop-scotch of errands and chores. I always use the example of an Asian household as I cater mostly for Asians and Expats who are living in this country with the privilege of a helper(s). It is no longer acceptable… Continue reading Planning a Schedule

Paper Clutter

When we start detoxing our home, we work on a whole lots of things, but very often what we overlook is Paper Clutter.  Over the weeks (or is it months) that you have put off sorting out your mail and papers… especially receipts, you would probably have accumulated heaps of paper, mostly still in envelopes.… Continue reading Paper Clutter

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for some of the questions that I keep getting asked 1.  How long does it take to get organised?Depends on many factors, especially how much accumulation has taken place and how much help you are likely to receive from those around you. Getting organised and staying organized takes time and commitment, but… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

Some Advice

Right now I am wearing my Counsellor hat and am writing this post while I am in that mode. So bear with me if I sound a little preachy or like someone who has my *ish together. I am writing this from my experiences as a counsellor and someone who juggles a career and my… Continue reading Some Advice

Exercise and Fibromyalgia

I am so sorry for the delay in uploading this article. I have written it and saved it but for life of me, I can’t remember where! I would like to call it “fibro-fog” so I don’t feel too bad. I will look for it and will definitely post it very soon. Love, Raveena

Phytonutrients, Enzymes & Amino Acids

The best thing I love about phytonutrients is actually the word itself. Pronounced “fight-o-nutrients”, it gives me a kick to keep fighting!! So,on a more serious note, phyto means plant in Greek – therefore phytonutrients are nutrients found in plants. Plants basically need these nutrients for protection from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats. In humans,… Continue reading Phytonutrients, Enzymes & Amino Acids

Let’s Talk Broccoli

Before all this fibro stuff came into my life, we ate broccoli like all others but it was definitely NOT on my favourite list. The only discussion we had on broccoli was the pronounciation. My parents say bro-koli and my kids say brawk-li. I hope I got the phoenetics right but I am sure you… Continue reading Let’s Talk Broccoli


I love strawberries! But then again, who doesn’t? The tart sweetness is just so delish! Of course the fact they are always used in romantic dinners and desserts, just makes strawberries all the more tempting. 1 cup of strawberries per person (well, this person at least) is more than enough for any recipe and the 1… Continue reading Strawberries

Food Intolerance

Let’s laugh at ourselves. See at the very beginning, I have given you a general outline of what we need to eat and what we need to avoid. Then we went a little deeper into the analysis and we related each symptom with beneficial foods. However, there is a little more information that we can… Continue reading Food Intolerance

Are we what we Eat?

Isn’t this what we have been hearing just about forever? “We are what we eat” , “We are what is at the end of our fork” etc etc. Well, it should actually read “We are what we DIGEST” because no matter what you eat, until and unless it is digested, it is absolutely useless to… Continue reading Are we what we Eat?

The Fibromyalgia Food Map

This is STEP 2 – my Fibromyalgia Food Map (FMFM) which is a more detailed food plan based on common FM symptoms. Pain Since pain is the foremost symptom of fibromyalgia, it is very crucial to eat and fortify our diet with anti-inflammatory foods. These foods are those which contain omega oils, phytonutrients, anti oxidants such… Continue reading The Fibromyalgia Food Map

Fibromyalgia Diet

Is there a proper Fibromyalgia Diet to eliminate my symptoms? No, dear I am sorry to say there isn’t. This is because each of us fibro fighters has different food sensitivities and different symptoms and worse yet, we also have different symptoms flaring up on different days. However, there certainly are guidelines that we can follow to… Continue reading Fibromyalgia Diet

Dippers and non-dippers

Is there a correlation between blood pressure and fibromyalgia (FM)? In a recent test carried out in Ankara, Turkey the connection between FM and blood pressure was studied. Firstly, we all have this discomfort when our blood pressure is being checked. Having our arm squeezed is no fun. While this is a discomfort for everyone,… Continue reading Dippers and non-dippers