Raveena Singh

Hi I am Raveena Singh, a Certified Professional Organiser and Counsellor. Let's enjoy our homes one space, one meal at a time! 🌸🍃

Planning a Schedule

There are a number of things that we do at home which we jumble into a hop-scotch of errands and chores. I always use the example of an Asian household as I cater mostly for Asians and Expats who are living in this country with the privilege of a helper(s). It is no longer acceptable […]


Paper Clutter

When we start detoxing our home, we work on a whole lots of things, but very often what we overlook is Paper Clutter.  Over the weeks (or is it months) that you have put off sorting out your mail and papers… especially receipts, you would probably have accumulated heaps of paper, mostly still in envelopes. […]


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for some of the questions that I keep getting asked 1.  How long does it take to get organised?Depends on many factors, especially how much accumulation has taken place and how much help you are likely to receive from those around you. Getting organised and staying organized takes time and commitment, but […]


Time and Tide wait for no Man

Putting things off – we’ve all been guilty of it. “I’ll do it later”. You don’t like doing the job at hand, the task seems too OVERWHELMING, you’re a perfectionist, you don’t know where to begin, you are afraid of failing — there are lots of reasons for PROCRASTINATING. But overcoming procrastination is less about […]