Raveena Singh

Hi I am Raveena Singh, a Certified Professional Organiser and Counsellor. Let's enjoy our homes one space, one meal at a time! 🌸🍃


I love strawberries! But then again, who doesn’t? The tart sweetness is just so delish! Of course the fact they are always used in romantic dinners and desserts, just makes strawberries all the more tempting. 1 cup of strawberries per person (well, this person at least) is more than enough for any recipe and the 1 […]


Food Intolerance

Let’s laugh at ourselves. See at the very beginning, I have given you a general outline of what we need to eat and what we need to avoid. Then we went a little deeper into the analysis and we related each symptom with beneficial foods. However, there is a little more information that we can […]


The Fibromyalgia Food Map

This is STEP 2 – my Fibromyalgia Food Map (FMFM) which is a more detailed food plan based on common FM symptoms. Pain Since pain is the foremost symptom of fibromyalgia, it is very crucial to eat and fortify our diet with anti-inflammatory foods. These foods are those which contain omega oils, phytonutrients, anti oxidants such […]


Fibromyalgia Diet

Is there a proper Fibromyalgia Diet to eliminate my symptoms? No, dear I am sorry to say there isn’t. This is because each of us fibro fighters has different food sensitivities and different symptoms and worse yet, we also have different symptoms flaring up on different days. However, there certainly are guidelines that we can follow to […]


Dippers and non-dippers

Is there a correlation between blood pressure and fibromyalgia (FM)? In a recent test carried out in Ankara, Turkey the connection between FM and blood pressure was studied. Firstly, we all have this discomfort when our blood pressure is being checked. Having our arm squeezed is no fun. While this is a discomfort for everyone, […]