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Getting Things Done

Getting things done! Isn’t that every-single-one’s basic thought for this year, for every year? It certainly is mine! Getting Things Done is more than just a dream or a nagging phrase, it is actually a method which enables these goals be achieved. David Allen has structured this process in his book by the same name… Continue reading Getting Things Done

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Finding my Way through Hurdles

In an earlier article, I mentioned the paralysing resistance that comes with the decision to declutter. It manifests in many ways, including distraction, resentment and dread. In addition to that, while many of us do have the desire to get things decluttered and organized in our homes, it is not always such an easy thing… Continue reading Finding my Way through Hurdles

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Finding my Way through the Tide

I actually remembered an old article I had written years and years ago for a magazine called Time and Tide wait for No one - and then I also recollected another article, Prioritising Spells Success. Both these were aimed at people looking for motivation and time to get your home organised. The fact that you… Continue reading Finding my Way through the Tide

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The only 10 Things Needed in your Bag During this horrid pandemic that we are going through, not going out is of course the best solution. But that can't always be done right? So, if you do have to go out, carry as little as possible. A few tips: Avoid jewelleryWear machine washable clothesGo alone - definitely avoid taking kids and the… Continue reading The only 10 Things Needed in your Bag

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An Introduction to Decluttering – Recognising Hurdles

Hey, my loves! Here is the next podcast of the Decluttering Series. We are often faced with resistance on the way and here is a list of commonly faced hurdles and recognising them for what they are! Until you recognise those, you will not be able to move forward plus it always feels good to… Continue reading An Introduction to Decluttering – Recognising Hurdles