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Home Management Planner 2021

In the Home Management Planner 2021, you will receive a homemaking system like never before. Elegant and streamlined, this Planner is perfectly formulated for running any home — for anyone, anywhere in the world. As in the 2020 Planner, you will have Cleaning Checklists where your tasks are systematically broken down for you day by day, as well as Menu Planning. And this year, you will also get Laundry Checklists! And there is also an all new exciting layout which makes planning your week and month a breeze. Plus some brand new sections to look forward to! This year’s Planner ensures that in addition to looking after your home, you also take care of yourself. Each week includes reminders for self-care, delegating tasks to your partner as well as some fun activities to incorporate with your family. Running your home has never been this easy. Order your copy now!