I do enjoy cooking, mostly because my family enjoys eating. We also eat a variety of cuisines being a part of a large family that has settled far and wide over the years.

To add to that, my mother – may she rest in peace! was a trained dessert chef and a fantastic cook. From the time I was really little, I used to watch her whip up these scrumptious desserts and cakes. Family and friends would pop over hoping to get some of her freshly baked goodies and dinner. Some people say, she had a great hand at cooking.

While she was all those things, she was also from an orthodox family and believed that girls needed to be able to feed their family. I rebelled for as long as I could, always being busy with uni etc until I got married. My husband loved good food and had developed quite an interesting palate from his travels.

Bottom line, I had to learn to cook!! I would call my mum from Toronto (Canada) to get her tips before I made something. There was no Google then to refer to – it was always good ol’ mum. And over the years, that was 30 years ago, I learnt to cook!

Today, Paul cooks, my daughter and one of my sons cook. So, I have plenty of help in the kitchen and plenty of recipes to share.

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