What’s New?

Hi friends! I AM BACK!!

I have taken a break from social media to make some changes in my family and personal life. We have moved from Singapore back to Malaysia and I am absolutely loving every single minute of it. I am definitely going to miss Singapore but this is where I belong.

I cannot wait to share with you our new home… it’s an apartment in a medium rise plaza. The many, many windows and glass doors make the space so bright and airy, creating calm and serenity and being a bigger space than we have gotten accustomed to in Singapore, the openness creates an absolutely tranquil and restful mood.

In tomorrow’s post, I will share with you my quick tips on packing up and literally uprooting yourself and your family without too much chaos. You are really going to want to read this article if you are shifting or at least planning to at some point.

Till tomorrow, happy homemaking!!